Tuesday, June 02, 2009

In the dark, eating M&Ms

If you've ever been in a focus group, sitting around a table discussing diapers or deodorant or a new drink with a few other women, you probably noticed a big wall of mirrors.

This week, I'm behind the mirrors.

If you're not in marketing or married to a marketer, sign yourself up with a research facility. You can share your opinions and get paid enough money for a new pair of shoes (how about these?). It's easy and fun, particularly if you're the opinionated type. If, on the other hand, you are in advertising, you might recognize my Top 5 Truths About Focus Groups.

1. Every group has a hater, a real Negative Nelly.
2. Someone in the room is an aspiring creative, someone who volunteers to re-write or art direct your material.
3. Sitting in the dark, eating M&Ms, Goldfish and pretzels all day does not make you feel good.
4. Eating junk food in the dark while listening to a live-translation of Spanish-language focus groups sucks.
5. You will thank the Lord for wi-fi.