Sunday, May 31, 2009

Preschool Block Party

In celebration of Z's Montessori school's 20th anniversary, this weekend was jam-packed with festivities. Friday night there was a cocktail party in the school gym. Typically parties in the gym involve dozens of hyper kids running around, screaming. This one was parents-only, catered and had an open bar.

Saturday afternoon the school hosted a killer block party. Two bounce houses, a stage with live music and a bubble machine, a visit from the local fire department--it was kid heaven. Oh yeah, and for refreshments we had an espresso cart, an ice cream novelties cart and a popcorn stand. I manned the ice cream stand for an hour and discovered all the kids want is the phallic-yet-patriotic "Mega Missile." They don't give a rat's ass about the ice cream bar or sandwich.

The highlight of the day was watching my friend Nancy's 12 year old son front a very capable rock band. Z and A were rapt, although I cringed to hear Z say "There aren't any girl rock bands...Why?"

And the perfect way to end a perfect day? Freddy's.

I'm so lucky we ended up at WSMS. Not only is Z learning all kids of interesting stuff from her amazingly capable directress (reading, math, geography, practical life, etc.), Josh and I have meet the nicest, most interesting parents--people I'll want to stay friends with long after our kids need us to arrange playdates.