Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I know I'm irresistable, but this has got to stop

You know what kind of sucks the relaxation right out of a nice hot morning shower?

Hearing your 21-month-old in hysterics, crying your name over and over and over. Hollering so so loudly that you can hear her, up the stairs, through the closed bathroom door and over the rush of water.

Can you say separation anxiety? Because Baby A has it, and she's got it bad. It's gotten so she waves Josh away from me as she nuzzles her head in my neck. She melts down when I leave her at daycare. And while Josh can push her all over town, she won't let me put her in the stroller for more than a second before the "Up, up, uppy!" demands begin.

Yes, I'm glad she loves me. But I can't wait for this phase to pass.

P.S. Would it be 1000% worse if I adhered to AP principles? Just wondering...