Saturday, October 10, 2009

Flu shots!

Josh and I got our flu shots weeks ago at Dominick's and Walgreens, but you can't get a little kid a flu shot at a pharmacy, so it was off to the doctor's office with the girls this morning for immunization against the regular flu. H1N1 gets all the publicity, what with a 14 year old Chicago area girl dying from the disease this week, but those vaccinations aren't available yet.

Both sisters knew they were going in for shots, but I'm not sure A understood exactly what a shot was because, dude, the girl was excited. Here's the evidence, shot on grainy Blackberry video.
Z was calm but a little nervous. And so very brave. She turned away and sucked on her lollipop until the very last moment, when she just about grabbed knocked the needle right out of her thigh. She spilled a few tears, which got A upset and anxious to get the hell away from the nurse, but as soon as we were done and the nurse said "stickers," the A quit crying and headed off to pick out her reward--a Snow White sticker that I had to wear.

All afternoon the girls complained about how much their left legs ached--A more than Z because she refused to take any ibuprofen. A's definitely got a dramatic streak--she limped around half-naked so that anyone and everyone could see her Band-Aid and hear how it came to be: "I went to an owie. Dey give me flu shot. In my weg. You see my Band-Aid? I brave. I only cry a widdle while. I got a lollipop."

On a side note, if you haven't gotten your flu shot yet, do it at Walgreens. My agency is responsible for their current flu shot campaign, and I helped out a bit with the winning pitch!