Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My day ended with poetry

Have you ever had a day when you go to work and work through lunch and two people cry in your office and you rush home because you're having your neighbors over for dinner and your kids barely eat but they have so much fun playing that they throw a fit when the evening's over and one is still tantruming in the bath as you leave for your Hebrew lesson? And you go to Hebrew and then to the grocery store and come home and check Facebook and then, just as you're about to plug in your phone and go to bed you find The Book of Poems!!!

Here are a couple of selections, Z spellings and all...

If you have a dog
don't let him in the fog
Why don't let him in the fog
Becuse you cant see him

If you have a cat
Don't let him wear a hat
Why cant he wear a hat
Becuse it looks silly

Once there was a cat
Who wore a hat
Why did he wear a hat
Becuse he had no hair.