Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy 3rd birthday, A!

As you've reminded me eleventy-hundred times in the past month, you're "almost big," "almost tree" and "a little bit big and a little bit small." Every time you bite into dinner, you ask me "does this help me grow big?" and if I answer in the affirmative, you sit up a little bit taller to show me how fast you're growing up.

You love the home daycare you've been attending twice a week since babyhood, beginning each day with "Am I goin' to Adriana's house today?" and sighing with disappointment if the answer is no. You are, however, very excited to start school this fall, and you already know your teacher's name and many of your Montessori classmates.

Your passions are swimming, swinging, riding your trike and playing pretend. You love Z's friends and they love doting on you. You are the willing "baby" in their games of house. You also love to play with your baby dolls, wrapping them in blankets, feeding them and pushing them in your doll stroller to familiar destinations (Fox Park, school, day care and the library).

At the pool your fearlessness elicits impressive gasps from other parents. You love to jump in off the side of the pool and disappear under the water. "Don't catch me!" you yell, "Back up so I can jump and go under the water!"

You're incredibly silly and you love to clown around for an audience. If something you do makes someone laugh, you'll do it again and again. You love to dance and you like your music "big." You've got a few signature dance moves, including one ripped straight from the Beyonce "Single Ladies" music video and one that involves you bending over to touch the floor and wiggling your bottom in the air. Dancing, according to A, is best done in a spinny "Princess dress" or in your underpants.

You're a cuddly kid and very attached to your mommy. You behave better for Daddy, but you've also hurt his feelings by saying "I hate you" and "I only love Mommy." You complain when we hire a babysitter, but you're always an angel after 5-15 minutes of fit-throwing.

Speaking of fits, you don't shy away from a good temper tantrum. You are a child who feels passionately--both positive and negative emotions. You've recently quit spitting in anger, but you will push and kick me and your sister to get a rise out of us.

But most of the time you're a pretty great kid. You hug, kiss and tell us all how much you love us every day and you adore your wide circle of friends. You love to hold hands with and be carried by me, Daddy, your sister and the child you met 2 minutes ago. You sing nursery rhymes with me at bedtime and listen, rapt, as Z reads to you on the couch. You are quick to apologize when you spill your milk, pinch your sister or stand on the cat. (But we know you'll do all of the above again the very next day.)

We'll celebrate your birthday tomorrow with a small party at Over the Rainbow ice cream parlor.