Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday, Baby A

Baby girl, you've come a long way in a year. From 8 pounds to 20. From a tiny bundle to a bundle of boundless energy. No longer do you gaze contentedly upon the world from your perch in a sling. No, you're a crawling, cruising, squealing hunk of kid who wants to do, play with and eat whatever everyone else is doing, having fun with or chowing down on.

Before you were born I worried that as our second born, you'd get second-class treatment. But while you've always had to share your parents and your toys, you've got the gift of an attentive big sister whose mere presence thrills you from your beautifully curling hair to the tips of your fat little toes.

Big changes are in store for you this month, Baby A. We'll be weaning you from formula and breastmilk to whole fat moo juice and replacing your beloved bottle with sippy cups. I think you'll love facing forward in your car seat--even if that means an end to "mixed-up paci," the little game of pass the pacifier that you and Z play in the back seat.