Thursday, July 03, 2008

Hurray for kid-free time

As if getting a babysitter last night so that we could see WALL-E wasn't good enough, I had the day off today (yes, my new job rocks!), but since the girls' childcare arrangements were already paid for, Josh and I dropped them off at their respective places and enjoyed over 5 hours of kid-free fun!

First I figured out how to convert my new bike trailer into a stroller without pinching tiny hands or enduring any whining. Then I dropped my bicycle off at Dan's Bike Shop for its bi-yearly tune-up and Josh and I headed to Oakbrook Center, where he got fitted for a new suit. He's a little tired of the very traditional suit he bought for our wedding 9 years ago and he looked very sexy in the slim-fitting Hugo Boss number the dapper Nordstrom salesman found for him. It retails for nearly $900 (gulp!), but their Anniversary sale is only 3 weeks away and that brings the price down to a more reasonable $530. Reasonable if you figure it works out to about $53 a year for 10 years of wear. I'm a H&M-lovin' cheapskate, but I wouldn't blink at dropping 50 bucks on clothes every month, much less once a year. And yeah, we hit my favorite Swedish cheap chic outlet too.

Trying on clothes made us hungry, so we asked our brand-new GPS unit (thanks, Mom) to direct us to Katy's Dumpling House, a fabulous Chinese noodle shop that's hidden away in an unassuming strip mall near Downers Grove. We shared some tasty potsticker-like dumplings and an enormous bowl of richly flavored beef noodle soup.

And, since there weren't any nap-needing monsters in the backseat, we decided to explore the area a little. We picked up a few things we needed at the DG Trader Joe's, checked out the downtown area and stopped for very disappointing blizzards at DQ before heading back to Oak Park in time for at 2:30 camp pickup.