Saturday, July 05, 2008

And the Mommyblogger-PR stars aligned...

I'm no alpha mommyblogger, yet my email inbox gets clogged with PR pitches on a daily basis. Most go straight to the trash, but a few weeks ago the stars aligned. Z'd been battling me over clothes because everything was so un-com-fort-a-ble. She only wanted to wear "soft pants" and the handful of t-shirts with collars that didn't itch, sport uncomfortable tags or bother her for some other, indecipherable reason. She yanked at her underwear, tugged at waistbands, rolled her eyes and whined the nothing fits me the right way.

Right about the time that I'd given in and agreed to let her wear the same two pairs of ugly pants all summer, Hanes came a-calling. Susannah send us a care package with a darling graphic spaghetti strap shirt (see photo), a lime-green skort, a package of kiddie camisoles and some underwear. Z was thrilled--not only to received stuff in the mail--but to wear something new that fit her soft clothes/no tags criteria. She quit wearing pajamas and started pairing a camisole with underpants. Underpants that don't even have Princesses on them (although they sell those too). The yellow cami top with the sparkly turtle on it is her new favorite shirt. She'd wear it every day if I let her.

Honestly, I didn't really think Hanes did much beyond underwear and men's athletic t-shirts. But it turns out they've got a pretty great selection of inexpensive cotton clothing that's perfect for kids' playwear. And since Susannah asked me to mention it, when you buy specially-marked packages of Hanes, you'll have a chance to Vacation in Comfort at Walt Disney World. And Princess panties or no, Z would pee hers with excitement if we won. Which we won't.