Sunday, July 13, 2008


Here's our almost 1-year-old enjoying the sugar-frosted American tradition whereby we usher our children forth into a diabetic future.

Minutes before the party started, I was describing the Costco cake I'd purchased for the event to my mom.
"It's vanilla with chocolate mousse filling. It says "Happy 1st Birthday A and it's decorated with a rainbow."
"A rainbow? Aren't those reserved for gay people? I see rainbow flags all over, and they're always for gay pride."
"We'll it's not like they've laid claim to all rainbows," I responded. "Besides, who says this isn't a gay-friendly birthday party?"
For the record, all the kids were begging to have a slice with rainbow on it.

Also, I'd sent Z down the street to play with her new friend Brianna for an hour before the festivities began. She came back decked out for the party.