Saturday, January 01, 2011

This was not the New Year's Eve I had planned

The damage
I had counted on a low-key New Year's Eve. Put the kids to bed on time, watch a couple of episodes of Breaking Bad, drink a little too much and go to bed before midnight.

Instead, the kids raced a little too excitedly out of the bathtub and A's chin got real familiar with the side of the tub. Naturally, the local urgent care facility was closed for the holiday. So we Skyped with my in-laws, pediatricians, the both of them--and determined the cut was probably too wide to heal well on its own.

A, coloring in the pediatric waiting room
So it was off to the emergency room for me and my 3 year old daughter. We headed to the Loyola University Medical Center, the closest hospital with a pediatric emergency room, and she got her chin glued shut. We were home in less than 2 hours, which in the realm of emergency room visits, is pretty good. I was impressed by the care she received and my only complaint was that the TV in the pediatric emergency room where we were placed was tuned to a monster movie. And there was no remote control to be found.  Fortunately A was in good spirits, treating our trip as a grand adventure and a rare opportunity to bond with just mom. She didn't cry at all, only whimpering a bit when the resident's glove had to be un-stuck from her chin.

The little trouper was in bed and snoring by 9:45, which meant I was able to drink, watch 1/2 an episode  and still get to bed early enough to be awoken by fireworks and car horns at midnight.