Tuesday, January 04, 2011

2010: The Year in Review

Two things I'm thankful for
2010 was a very good year. My job was rewarding, my kids became more independent and I felt like my relationship with Josh grew stronger than ever. (Anyone who tells you new babies bring a couple closer together are lying. Or perhaps very, very lucky.)

I tried new things in 2010: rock climbing on vacation and taking regular roller derby classes back home. I toured a hot dog factory and had our very first family portraits done by a professional photographer. And I was thrilled to finally join both a knitting circle and a book club!

I took the family to Akumal, West Chester, Asheville and New York City, and I treated myself to a girls weekend in Portland with my best friend from high school.

My Aussie sister and her two children spent much of the summer in the U.S., so I had the rare pleasure of talking to her regularly on the phone and seeing her family twice in one season (one week in Asheville and a long weekend in Oak Park).

Milestones were recorded. Z lost 4 teeth, learned to ride a 2-wheeler, graduated from Montessori school and skipped though kindergarten in a week and a half. I became a Bat Mitzvah and a Creative Director and A kicked off her preschool career without shedding a single tear.

We had a couple of medical challenges. A killed one of her front teeth falling off the couch and cut open her chin on the bathtub, and I spent the better part of a month covered in measles-like spots from a random case of pityriasis rosea. We battled lice for the first time. And I dealt with seasonal allergies so extreme that I couldn't wear contact lenses any more. Unwilling to live in spectacles, I fulfilled a long-held dream of getting my eyes fixed. In October I had PRK corrective surgery done on both eyes. (I'm loving the results, which get a little better every day.)

Blogging had its benefits in 2010, too. I had lunch with the CEO of Stonyfield Farm, reviewed a couple of plays at Emerald City Theatre and attended the uber-slumber party that is BlogHer. I also contributed a couple of professional posts to the Leo Burnett blog.

And it wouldn't be a true year-in-review if I didn't check in on last year's New Year's resolutions as well.

1. I didn't get to the gym more than once a week until I started skating. Now I'm finally hitting my twice a week goal. Score: B

2. I've failed to close my Internet browser for 2 hours a day while at work, but I've found some other methods for improving my productivity. Score: C

3. Taking each member of my family on some kind of solo date/outing every month. I've been doing this! Score: A

4. Survive New Year's Day. Not only did I host a successful New Year's Day brunch in 2010, I did it again on 1/1/11.

2009: Year in Review
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