Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A retreat from the everyday

Sing in Hebrew and carry a big stick
The girls and I attended our synagogue's annual retreat this past weekend, and the glorious warm weather made it feel like we really were at summer camp.

The retreat is on the grounds of OSRUI, the regional Jewish sleepaway camp that I hope to send the girls to someday. (It costs an arm and a leg, but I always regretted not getting to go to an equivalent camp myself.)

It was a really relaxing weekend, which might seem surprising to those who have traveled alone with two small children. But I gave a ride to a fellow temple member who is also a parenting coach (I know!) and the girls and I spent most of our waking hours apart. I attended the adult-focused seminars and discussions (and took one glorious one hour nap) while they played games, made crafts and otherwise had an awesome time with the other K-3 kids (4 year olds had the option to "age up").

We ate our kosher-style meals together, except when the girls ran off to eat with one of their favorite babysitters, who was there with the 6th grade group. And after putting the girls to bed, I was able to leave our spartan, dorm-like accommodations and enjoy a little adult socializing (read: adult beverages and the best New York-style deli spread I've ever gorged myself on).

Oh, and while there were acoustic guitars everwhere I looked, there was none of the folk music sing-a-longs that scared Josh from coming.

So we'll be back next year. As a foursome.