Thursday, March 08, 2012

What the InkJoy pen means to this writer

Most of the product samples offered to mom bloggers are decidedly kid-centric: toys, fruit snacks, parenting books. It's rare that I'm asked to take a look at an invention directly related to my profession. So when Paper Mate offered me a chance to sample their new InkJoy pens, I jumped at the opportunity--and it wasn't just because they promised to also send me a biometric safe for locking up "the world's most stolen pen."

I use pens all day long to write headlines, take notes, edit others' work and initial on work. And I'm picky about my pens, refusing to use cheap, non-retractable ballpoints, no matter the color. Typically I use a felt tip pen--I'm partial to orange and green--and I suffer the consequences in the form of marks on my hands and stains on the inside of my bags.

I'm also an admitted pen thief--although my colleagues' pens I steal inadvertently and  I like to think that the nicer logoed pens I liberate from businesses is really more "to remember them by."

I'd be liberating a lot more pens if more companies switched to InkJoy. I've taken to carrying around my InkJoy 700 RT and showing it off to friends--it really is that nice. The colored InkJoy 300s are less special, but still a lot of fun to write with. They're now on equal footing with my green and orange felt tip pens, in constant rotation on my desk at work.