Sunday, March 02, 2008

It's a whirlwind

In the last four days, I've dined at De La Costa (with clients), Sushi House (with my mommy friends) and Hot Chocolate (with Josh and the girls). Sushi House is a new addition to Oak Park, and I'm thrilled. Really fresh, fabulous sushi at good prices.

I babysat, volunteered at Z's preschool open house, and accompanied both kids to a neighbor's birthday party at My Gym. I'm very proud of the birthday present I got for the birthday girl. Like most four-year-olds, she likes the Disney Princesses. But unlike the rest of them, she loves Alicia Keys. Really loves her. Wants to grow up to be her. So I went to T-Shirt Deli in Bucktown and created a custom "Lil' Alicia Keys" tee. It was a big hit.

And now we have another potential friend in the neighborhood. I diverted a few of the chocolate chip cookies I'd baked for the open house and brought them as a "welcome to the neighborhood" gift to the family that just moved in a few doors up the street. They've got a daughter one year younger than Z and the girls hit it off as I chatted with her parents.