Friday, August 15, 2008

How I scored a play kitchen for $12

I'm scored plenty of kid-related bargains by shopping yard sales and Craigslist and staying active in the Oak Park Freecycle group.

But while Freecycle's netted me free swim diapers, a high chair, nursing bras, a boppy pillow and rain boots, my best bargain find of all time is the Talking Chef Magic Kitchen I found at the Oak Park Temple rummage sale in October of 2005.

Having always yearned for one myself, I was hoping to buy Z a play kitchen for her 1st birthday. So I was over the moon to find a like-new one (with batteries included) at a rummage sale just 2 weeks before her birthday. For $12! Equivalent kitchens cost close to $100 at Toys R Us and deluxe, non-plastic kitchens (like those sold by Pottery Barn) ran a lot more than that!

The kitchen has moved from our real kitchen downstairs to the playroom in the basement, where it still gets played with almost every day, by both of our girls.

This post was written in response to Parent Bloggers Network and, who are asking bloggers to write about their greatest bargain-hunting success.