Saturday, August 16, 2008

I saw the ocean

We drove from Portland to Cannon Beach today, and the napping gods were watching over us. We left Franny's house at 8:20 and Baby A was asleep by 8:30. Z watched videos on her portable DVD player for an hour and a half. A woke up 3 minutes from the beach, where we met our hosts, who'd beaten us by 5 minutes. We had coffee and pastries as we waited for the fog to break and let the kids frolic in the sand and cold, cold water until lunch. Baby A squeal after and hugged 5 dogs, making her day.

We left the beach at 1:30 and both kids fell asleep shortly after we got on the road. They stayed asleep until we got back into Portland and we headed straight to the Portland Children's Museum.

Our perfect day was capped off with takeout Vietnamese food and Tillamook Marionberry Pie ice cream.