Saturday, August 02, 2008

No Lolla today, thanks

After Baby A suffered through last night with a fever that made her cranky and clingy (and me sleep-deprived), I threw in the towel on Lollapalooza today. Now, I don't know if my youngest is allergic to rock fests, but her temperature and behavior seemed a whole lot like the 24 hour fever that afflicted her the day after the Pitchfork Festival.

But even without pushing my stroller through throngs of teens, I had an eventful day. Z and I biked to the farmers' market and Dominick's while Baby A napped and Josh filed his story. Then Josh left and I took the girls to our local playground. We returned home for a lunch of quesadillas and both of the kids napped (!).

We met Stacie's family at the pool in the afternoon and I cooked Linguine Carbonara (re-titled "cheesy pasta with bacon") for dinner.

As I type this, Baby A is sacked out and Z is watching Return to Neverland (a Peter Pan sequel).