Thursday, August 14, 2008

Retail Therapy: H&M and Forever 21

It's rare that I have 2 full hours of uninterrupted time to shop for myself, but that's exactly what I got yesterday. I hit H&M on my lunch break and picked up a casual jersey dress with a sort of Japanese-inspired floral pattern on it and a cute, 1950's inspired outfit consisting of a polka dot blouse and shorts (it's far more flattering than it sounds).

Then, since I was going to a GM-sponsored event for mommybloggers at the Marriott on the Mag Mile at 6pm, I popped into Forever 21. For the very first time. Whoa, that place is huge. It's in the old Virgin Megastore, but I swear their retail footprint is even bigger than Virgin's. And aside from the moms accompanying their teenage daughters on their search for the perfect lime green tube top, I might have been the oldest person there. I looked like a washed-up ho in every top and dress I tried on, but I hit paydirt in the denim department. For under $30, I scored a super-comfy (and I dare say flattering) pair of skinny jeans. Now, I've been trying on jeans at Old Navy, Loehmann's and H&M for months and this is the first pair I've found that fits me in length, gives me a decent butt and doesn't puff my muffin top every time I sit down. The only rub is that I had to buy the largest size in the store--a 29. Are fatties forbidden at Forever 21 or something?