Friday, September 23, 2011

A reason to see Blue Man Group again

Blue Man Group enthralled me when I first saw it about a dozen years ago. Since then I've largely forgotten about the long-playing art-theatre-concert-comedy show, throwing it in the same category as Navy Pier and Brazilian steak houses--cool the first time you go, but pretty much just for tourists.

But Blue Man Group has reinvented its show for the era of iPads, text messaging and Lady Gaga. Josh and I went to see it Wednesday night and laughed pretty consistently throughout. It's a delightful performance (if a little heavy on the texting jokes) that flies by in flurry of audience participation, physical humor, pounding beats, flying marshmallows and a finale that includes dozens of rolls of toilet paper, dancehall lights, loud music, hi-def video and giant balloons.

I can't wait to bring my second grader. It is going to Blow. Her. Mind.

Disclosure: I was invited to see a press and concierge night at the Briar Street Theatre and my tickets were comped.