Monday, September 19, 2011

Zoppe: A real family circus

Zoppe Circus
On the recommendation of a friend, we headed into the city Sunday afternoon for pizza at Coalfire and a free afternoon performance of Zoppe, an old-fashioned Italian family circus.

The big top was set up at the pitifully underpromoted Brilliant Corners of Popular Amusements festival in West Town, and we stood outside the tent in a steady rain for half an hour before showtime as the performers (relatives ranging from 17 months to somewhere north of middle age) danced with kids, performed a few silly tricks and drummed up interest for the show.

Outside Zoppe Circus
Finally, we entered a smallish tent lined with wooden benches that smelled of rain, infield dirt and buttered popcorn. The show itself was magical. As was watching Z and A's faces as the dozen members of the Zoppe family clowned around, tight-rope walked, swung from the ceiling, and performed other acts of bravery and balance. I was particularly impressed by the twin ponytailed 8 year old boys, who shimmied up a 20 foot pole balanced on their dad's shoulders and stood on their heads at the very top.

As we drove home, I asked A what her favorite part was.

"Every single part was my favorite."