Saturday, September 09, 2006

Block Party

Today was our annual block party, and Z got right into the thick of things. I'm going to have a hard time keeping her from running into the street after today's excitement (a pancake breakfast, flag-making, bounce house, scooters, a cake walk, a raffle, pot-luck dinner, music and more). The festivities culminated with the "World's Largest Ice Cream Sundae" (Oak Park's largest, anyway). It consisted of 12 gallon-sized "scoops" of ice cream and assorted bottles of topping piled into a baby swimming pool. As soon as photos were snapped of the monstrosity, everyone on the block proceeded to scoop themselves a share.
A newspaper photographer came to get a group shot of all the kids eating ice cream on the curb. As the remains softened into a runny mess, Z and another little one year old located stray spoons and helped themselves. I wish I'd brought my camera, as it was quite a gluttonous sight.
We came home, washed off the day's stickiess and I tucked Z into bed. She asked for a story about her friend L, and after I listed L's parents, dog and favorite things, I ended the story with "L likes to play with Z. They play Play-Doh and draw pictures together."
And from the dark, Z piped up, "And they like to share babies."