Thursday, September 14, 2006

Translating Z

What she said: "Where's my skeeze-this?"
What she meant: "Where's the turkey baster you gave me as a 'new bath toy' in order to convince me to take a bath?"

What she said: "More windy! Daddy windy and Mommy windy!"
What she meant: "I want Mommy and Daddy to huff and puff and blow cold air all over my wet torso while I stand in the bath. I like having goosebumps."

What she said: "Want butter. Right here. On a plate. With cackers. And knife."
What she meant: "Please put a glob of peanut butter on a plate in front of me. I want a knife and crackers since you put them out anyway, but I plan to eat all the peanut butter straight up. Like Mommy. And Nanny. Crackers will be removed from the plate, dotted with peanut butter and placed on the table."