Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Golden Smog

Josh and I splurged on a babysitter last night so that I could join him at the Golden Smog show at the Vic. I don't go to many concerts anymore ($40 for the sitter, hello?), so I'm glad this was the one I opted to see. Not only did they play all my favorite songs (well, except for "Pecan Pie"), they covered the Jayhawks (many of the bandmembers are from the Jayhawks), Eric Clapton and others. And Chicago's favorite alt-country superstar Jeff Tweedy was there! Josh was reviewing the show for the Trib, so even with the sitter we came out ahead. Check out his take on the show here.

Speaking of babysitting, Z didn't cry at all when we left her with Julia last night. Usually she puts up a 2-5 minute fuss when Mommy and Daddy leave, but she was happy to be handed off with the promise of "mac cheese" and "playing Little People."