Monday, February 12, 2007

Craving order

Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones, but my nesting impulse is on. This time around, instead of wanting to look at cribs and mobiles (been there, done that), I want to organize toys. I fantasize about all of Z's playthings hidden away in colorful cubes, bins or baskets. I've got some of her toys stashed in our living room storage ottomans and another pile in a wicker laundry basket nearby, but having 2-3 big bins of toys means all the Little People, blocks and doll accessories just filter down to the bottom of the container and don't get played with at all.

So I've been surfing around the web looking for the perfect solution. I even took a solo field trip to Target last night, only to find the kid storage aisle completely picked over. I like this unit, which is a online exclusive, but seeing as it might end up in our living room (we don't have a separate play room), I need to decide how I feel about the bright primary colors.