Thursday, February 15, 2007

If toddlers went to work

Working Moms Against Guilt as a pretty funny post about what life might be like if we pulled our toddlers' stunts in the workplace. If I was to behave like Z at work, my coworkers would likely be irritated by my rapping randomly on my keyboard while repeating "I'm just checking my email," over and over again.

And some would find it obnoxious if I copied their every move and announced "I'm working just like Walter. I can put on my coat by self, just like Walter. I am going lunch. Just like Walter.

But they would be outright horrified listening to me utter such ladylike gems as, "Do you hear me farting?" or "I'm not done pooping" (said after I'd spent 5 minutes glowering red-faced in the corner).