Monday, February 26, 2007

"Ask me how's my day, Mommy"

Clowning around
I've made a point of asking Z about her day pretty much since she started talking. It used to consist of lots of leading questions that I was confident she could accurately answer with a "yes." I didn't learn much, but I enjoyed building the foundations of her conversational skills.

Oh how things have changed in a year. Now Z volunteers lots of specific details of her day to me. Today I asked her if she had fun with Daddy.

"Yes," she replied.
"What did you do together," I asked.
"Gymnastics! I bounced on the teddy bear balance beam. I got a stamp. I'm not going to wash it off!" (Apparently this makes sense in context. Josh does take her to gymnastics on Monday mornings and she did excel on the balance beam and trampoline today. She washed the hand stamp off in the bath since I'd cooed over it sufficiently.)

"Did you and Daddy also go to Sam's Club?"
"Yes. I lost my brown hat. We couldn't find it. We asked a man for my hat, but he didn't know where it is!" (Also true. Josh said she must have dropped it somewhere in the store, but retracing his steps and asking about it at the customer service counter proved futile.)

"Daddy said you also went to Jewel and you ran into some friends there. Who did you see at the grocery store?"
"Leo was there. And Sharon and Oliver. Leo was in the cart and Sharon was pushing him."
"Were you a good girl at the store or did you cry?"
"I cried for a new sippy cup." (Z and Daddy had a disagreement over which sippy cups were appropriate for her and ended up leaving empty handed.)

"What else did you and Daddy do today?"
"We made chicken and cookies!"

Josh and I had the chicken for dinner. And while it was delicious, Z opted for her typical evening meal of cold cereal. The cookies? Apricot hamentaschen. Happy Purim, everyone!