Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's not fair to compare...

But honestly, what parent can resist comparing her children? Baby A is now seven months old (holy crap, time flies!) and she now weighs what Z did at her 1 year checkup: 18lbs. Seriously, she's wearing clothes Z walked in. Since her Lands' End fleece bunting arrived yesterday, we're moving her out of her infant car seat and into a convertible one today. We lucked into a secondhand Britax Roundabout and I'm about to go outside and install it (or convince Josh to).

I was fretting a bit last month about how A refused to eat solids. But on my mother-in-law' s recommendation (she's a pediatrician), I officially quit stirring up bowls of nasty baby cereal and just put A in the highchair for mealtimes with us.

Well, lo and behold, she looked interested in real food, and I was soon sneaking her bits of sweet potato, banana and a bunch of other stuff that I never would have dared give my firstborn right off the bat. I know I'm risking hell from allergen-fearing mommies in the blogosphere by admitting this, but I'm feeding her nibbles of bagels, graham crackers, pancakes, pear--and she likes them! I guess if you wait long enough to introduce solids, you can skip right to the good stuff and skip the purees. Hell, she's got four teeth anyway!