Monday, February 11, 2008

My first day on the job

After spending the whole morning in a very thorough orientation with 10 fellow newbies, I got to spend a brief 45 minutes with my manager. She apologized profusely for not being able to take me out on a first day lunch as instructed by HR, but she did have a plane to catch. Since she and a few other team members will be traveling until Thursday, I've got a couple of days to familiarize myself with the office (we're spread out on multiple floors and there are at least two elevator banks) and the technology (always a treat).

But you don't want to hear about the good stuff. About how close my new gig is to the Blue Line stop and how I don't have to go outside to buy lunch or go to the bank. You don't want to know about the cheap private gym across the street and the lunchtime Pilates classes that are going to kick my butt into shape.

No, you'd rather hear about how I asked 5 different people where the mother's room was and they all said "We don't have one," even though I'd been assured at least two exist. Finally, reception pointed me to a small room 9 floors up marked "family resources" where I pumped in an armchair and hoped no one barged in (there was no lock on the door). There also wasn't a sink in the room, so I tucked my milky "horns" under my arm and figured I'd rinse them in a nearby ladies' room. Which I circled the floor twice trying to find! I'm just glad I don't know anyone who sits up there!

Then, at 2:15 I finally got a chance to grab lunch. I headed downstairs to a little sandwich shop and they must have misplaced my order because I waited over 10 minutes as everyone who'd lined up behind me picked up their food.

After those minor debacles, though, it's been smooth sailing. I spent the afternoon familiarizing myself with the work with one of my teammates and I'm actually excited about getting down to business.