Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another overly full weekend

I kicked off the weekend Friday night by sharing a couple of pitchers of Lalo's margaritas with my girlfriends in the neighborhood. I went to bed a little drunk at 11:30, and was up again at 12:30 when Z insisted their were "noises" that required she move into our room. I made her sleep on our floor, which she complained was uncomfortable for 15 minutes before falling asleep on it. Then A had us up (screaming bloody murder) from 2:30 to 4, at which point I brought her to our bed and she passed out with her feet in my face.

So I was in fine form for our jam-packed Saturday.
9-12 and 3-4: Cold, damp Halloween block party. Z was Tinkerbell, chilled to the bone. A muddied her Piglet costume and hugged dogs.
1-3: The kids napped while I laundered Piglet.

4-6: Montessori school Halloween party. Z decides to wear the cheerleading outfit from her dress-up box. A, while now a clean piglet, is completely overwhelmed by the chaos that is a gym full of 75 sugar-fueled, costume-bedecked preschoolers. I can't keep track of which boy is which since they are ALL dressed as superheroes or Power Rangers.
6:30-10:45: Josh and I leave the kids at home and head out for Korean barbecue with Althea, who like Josh is a freelance music critic, but unlike Josh is the most outgoing, social creature on the planet. We hit San Soo Gab San and let Althea order her favorite cuts of beef, which we grilled at our table and combined with the varied flavors in the 25 tiny bowls of salads, vegetables, sauces, noodles and mystery items crammed onto our table. I've never had Korean food before, but count me in as a huge fan. Everything was delicious.

We reeked of smoke, marinated meats and pickled vegetables, but decided to stop by a party one of my coworkers was throwing nearby. I was too full to sample the goodies she had out, but Althea and Josh managed to find room for a Sweet Mandy B's cupcake. Yes, it is still Saturday when we get home.

Sunday was a little slower paced. I put the kids in babysitting at Temple and rummaged through the rummage sale, which had been seriously picked over. My only score was a pair of adorable toddler size 4 brown and pink Stride Rite shoes in mint condition for $1. After our morning at the synagogue I took Z to Boo at the Zoo, which was fun until we left. The zoo was giving away Halloween goodie bags at the exit, but Z was so disappointed with the contents that she threw a mini-tantrum. "This bag is dumb! There's no toys in it! There are no treats in it! It's just paper!" And really, she had a point. Aside from a tiny bag of Lemonheads, it was stuffed with coupons and a Fisher-Price toy catalog.

There was also a drop-off birthday party, a trip to the library, laundry, chores and more, but all I want to do now is watch The Amazing Race (which is available online here) and sleep.