Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hit the showers, kid

Z's decided she prefers showers to baths, particularly baths that include her little sister hogging the faucet and belly-flopping around like an ill-trained seal. She's pretty independent too, singing, stomping and splashing until I come in and squirt some lavender-scented baby wash on her hand and instruct her to wash herself, "stinky parts first."

I'm fortunate to have a such water babies for kids. Not only does Z enjoy her independent showers, A is crazy for baths as well. For weeks her only bath toys have been a pitcher and a cup, and it's still all I can do to get her clothes and diaper off before she's climbed in and started filling cups, pouring water, drinking it and blowing bubbles.
There's no taking her out until every last drop has drained.

Apparently my blog wasn't taking comments on the day this posted, but I got an interesting email from Kim, who said "I think you have stumbled upon the solution to your cranky mornings with Z! I, too, had cranky mornings with Big T (he's 10) until we began starting each day with a shower. The warm water spray seems to revive him and his good humor and we actually enjoy breakfast and the ready-for-school routine. This wisdom was passed along to me by another Mom. You might try sending her to the shower first thing. Good luck!"