Friday, October 03, 2008

Welcome to Whine Fest

Today at Marketing Mommy we're sampling whines. Red (faced) whines, why whines, everyday whines and the rare corporate whine.

Is it cool to drink at 5:25 am? Because that is when the whining (for dining) began. Fortunately I'm still nursing, so Baby A was able to sip as I slept--in bed. As I showered and dressed, I could tell the kids were dishing out whine with breakfast (not a happy combination), and by the time I'd come downstairs and scrambled my egg, the whining had been drowned out by Josh's 80 proof yell. Like wine and shots, whine and shouts don't mix, and everyone at Whine Fest was cranky and worn out by 8am.

You'd think work would be a welcome respite, but there's plenty of whine to go around here at the office.

I need a beer. And a cupcake.