Friday, October 31, 2008

I feel like a kid again

After sneaking out of work an hour early, I joined a few neighborhood families for a round of trick or treating. Our block has three amazing houses. The token Republicans (who, incidentally, don't have a McCain sign up this year) give out full-sized candy bars. The local Democratic organizers were giving out candy to the kids and margaritas and Obama lawn signs to the grown-ups. And another family brings a carnival atmosphere to their front porch with a rented treat machine every year. On previous Halloweens it's been a cotton candy machine; this year it was popcorn. Which, incidentally, was the only treat A indulged in. (Yes, I know popcorn isn't recommended for one year olds.)

We headed west two blocks to Kenilworth, which was hopping with costumed kids and a house completely tricked out as a hillbilly haunted house, complete with a slack-jawed brothers (one of whom was wielding a chain saw) and their wife/cousin, who was sporting a homemade Palin for President button.

Speaking of politics, we saw a man dressed as Michelle Obama, my friend Nancy's daughter dressed as Sarah Palin and local mom dressed as the crazy McCain lady from SNL.
After trick or treating, playing with her friends, passing out candy and spreading her Halloween haul out on the living room carpet to admire, it was time to wash the chocolate off her face and the glitter out of her hair (thanks, Sharon!) and get ready for bed.

As soon as I'd tucked her in, I headed to Toys R Us to pick up a USA puzzle--a gift from the Halloween Fairy in exchange for the bulk of Z's candy.