Saturday, October 18, 2008

I lost my mind today

Now I may misplace my keys once in a while, but "flake" isn't the first adjective that comes to mind when I'm describing myself to others. That may have to change if the last 24 hours are any indication.

Friday, 7:00pm: I leave my purse at the bar where I'd gathered with coworkers for Happy Hour. I realize, upon reaching the El station 6 blocks away that I'm without CTA card, wallet, cell phone--you know, everything important. I run all the way back to Cleo's and retrieve my bag from the back of a chair.

Saturday, 7:30am: After promising Josh an easy morning, I nod off on the couch while "playing" with the kids in the basement playroom. Don't know why I'm so tired--except that A woke up raring to go at 5. Maybe that had a teensy bit to do with it.

8am-ish: I nap for 20 minutes while Josh, who's taken pity on me, takes the girls to the Farmer's Market. I follow my power nap with a trip over to the local coffee shop where I buy a cup of caffeinated joe (Josh has switched us to 100% decaf at home).

9:30am: In the hustle to get the girls out the door for Z's gymnastics class, I forget my still-warm, mostly full cup of coffee.

1:00pm: After reading Z a book, she proceeds to "read" it back to me. I fall asleep on the couch.

2:00pm: Josh sends me to Target to exchange a couple of items and pick up some necessities. I forget the bag of returns but manage to remember everything on my list, which is impressive at this point.

3:30pm: I change A's diaper before taking the girls to the park, but forget to put a clean diaper on her. This doesn't become clear to me until 5:30, at which point her pants are damp and her onesie has a turd in it.

I'm hoping I'm just a little (make that a lot) off today, but naturally the little hypochondriac on my shoulder keeps whispering "brain tumor!" Of course my absentmindedness of the last 24 hours might in fact be due to my having a lot on my plate right now. Work's busier than it's ever been, our social calendar is packed and I'm trying my best to remember birthday parties, dentist and doctor appointments, nights out with friends, date nights with Josh and which sitter's babysitting when.