Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

All I want for Valentine's Day is a quiet moment to enjoy the Ugly Truffles I bought last weekend with a cup of cappuccino from our Nespresso machine.

I'm getting 45 minutes of peace and quiet right now as A's asleep and Z's upstairs reading yet another beginner chapter book (hurray for reading skills!).

The silence is welcome after this action-packed week. Monday: Hebrew class. Tuesday: neighbors over for dinner and the surprise birthday cake I whipped up for Josh. Wednesday: 3 hour preschool board meeting. Thursday: blogger lunch at Frontera Grill with Stonyfield Farms CE-Yo Gary Hirshberg and Josh's birthday dinner at Gaetano's. Friday: stayed up too late watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. Saturday morning: Tot Shabbat, Whole Foods, a local Winter Farmer's Market and the Lincoln Elementary Carnival. It's only 2pm and all I want to to with the rest of my day is organize the basement playroom.