Sunday, March 07, 2010

The longest 2 day weekend, ever

I can't believe Friday was only two days ago. Since the sun went down on Friday night, I've hung out with a neighborhood knitting circle I've joined, finished a scarf for A (a purple version of this one) and started a cowl-neck scarf for myself. I cleaned out our closets and reorganized the kitchen cabinets, bringing 5 bags of goods to The Brown Elephant a couple to the local kids consignment shop. I met with our tax preparer, wrapped presents for the two birthday parties Z attended (one at a bowling alley and the other at a kits art studio) and took the kids out to enjoy the sunshine and slightly warmed weather at Fox Park (our first trips to the park this season). I took Z to see FAME at the local high school and I folded laundry and made granola and pancakes and wrote shopping lists and menu plans.

But the most exciting accomplishment of the weekend is A's. Josh took the side off her crib this morning and she went right to sleep in her "new" big girl bed at both naptime and bedtime. Without her paci. The pacifier that has been her constant comfort for the last 2 1/2 years is gone. It was so easy I'm scared to blog this and jinx it.