Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Top 100 Finger Foods: Or twice the work for half the appreciation

I'm going to go ahead and admit I did not try any of the recipes in Annabel Karmel's Top 100 Finger Foods, one of the two cookbooks that are the focus of this month's Silicon Valley Moms Group book club. My excuse is that I don't need a specialty cookbook to whip up some pancakes (mine are quite splendid, thank you), muffins or brownies.

Her savory recipes are appealingly photographed and full of wholesome ingredients, but I'd rather teach my kids to eat my (and Josh's) favorite recipes than special kid food. We try to be a "you're eating what's for dinner or making do with bread and peas" kind of family so that we don't get caught in the trap of having our girls expecting separately prepared kid food.

And once in a while, when Mom and Dad are going out to eat, we'll rather feed the kids something we can prepare quickly, like fish sticks, scrambled eggs or black beans and tortillas, than slave over a stove only to have them turn up their noses at our lovingly-prepared Shrimp Dumplings or Minty Lamb Koftas. Which, unfortunately, I can guarantee they will.

Disclosure: As a part of the Silicon Valley Moms Group (owner of Chicago Moms Blog), I received my copy of the cookbook free.