Friday, March 26, 2010

The great slipcover experiment

Or, Hiding My Flaws (after exposing them for all the Internet to see), part two.

Here goes: Every single one of our cats (Silver and Tallulah, may you RIP) has felt compelled to scratch the outter arm of our loveseat, and it's looking mighty pitiful.
No wait, it looks even worse with the flash off.
The couch itself is solid, and while I might want to get the cushions reshaped (am I wrong to think there's a service out there somewhere that sells new foam inserts?), I'm not ready to spring for reupholstering them at this point. And honestly, I paid about $850 for both the couch and the loveseat together, which means they're probably not worth reupholstering.
So I tried something different. A machine-washable slipcover by Surefit. It's a single piece of stretchy fabric with an elasticized bottom that gives it a reasonably snug fit.
The girls were thrilled with our "new red couch" and they oohed and ahhed over how soft the fabric is.
What do you think? Should I get one for the big couch as well, or is it okay to rock the mismatched couches look?

Disclosure: I received the Surefit Stretch Royal Diamond One Piece slipcover for free.