Friday, May 20, 2011

If the bra fits...

Many experts believe that men's underwear sales are a leading economic indicator. When the economy's bad, they'll wear threadbare briefs, but when they are feeling flush, they'll splurge on new pairs.

I think I may be a man.

While I've actually made a major effort to invest in cute panties this year (l'm a fan of the Gap's cotton hipster style), my bra collection is bordering on vintage. I've got a drawerful of Wacoal and Body by Victoria bras I've purchased over the past 8 years, but since the Loehmann's where I bought the Wacoal bras closed and Victoria's Secret smells like a cross between a florist and a whorehouse, I've been letting my underthings get a little long in the tooth.

So when Wacoal invited me to get professionally fitted and gifted, I yanked off my shirt faster than you can say "Show me your tits." They say most women are wearing the wrong size bra, but at first measure, I was still the 34C I knew myself to be. But even within the same brand, not all bras are the same. And the cute bra I picked out from Wacoal's sexier, more youthful b.tempt'd line fit me better in a 32D.

The fitter advised me that when looking for a perfect fit you want to make sure the band doesn't creep up your back. Sometimes that means going down a band size and up a  cup size. She also gave me this great shopping tip: buy a bra that initially fits on the tightest hook setting. As you wear and wash it, it will eventually get stretched out and you can adapt by fastening it a bit tighter.

Josh, a champion of cute new undies, is also lending strong support to the purchase of sexy new bras. Funny how that works.