Sunday, October 01, 2006

And there was Franny

There's a new addition to the blogosphere, and her name is Franny. My best friend since we first warily eyed each other during track practice in the 9th grade, Franny and I have had the good fortune of living our lives in lockstep and the poor fortune of living at least 1000 miles away from each other since we turned 18. And when I say our lives are lived in parallel, there's a certain truth to that. I entered the world five days after Franny, and we shared high school teachers, confirmation classes and silver Taurus wagons (the silver bullets) in Arlington, VA. After graduation, we met our future husbands while sophomores in college and married them two months apart in 1999. And when I was in the hospital delivering Z, Franny called me to tell me she was pregnant with her darling little boy.

But we're not exactly two peas in a pod. I help people buy more shampoo and cream cheese. Franny helps the mental unstable. I've got curly hair. Franny's got curly hair. And while I'd never hesitate to tell anyone exactly what I think, Franny is less sure of herself and wasn't positive her blog was worth sharing.

And you know what I think about that? She's wrong! Frannyland is a wry, funny take on motherhood, as sort of scientific observation of the species oneis yearoldus.