Wednesday, October 04, 2006

She gets it, sort of

I was reading Z one of her oldest board books before bed this evening, and as I pointed to the green frog she said, "Maybe in the pond. Maybe he live... maybe he jump in th' pond." We turned to the baby wrapped in a blue towel and she points out, "Baby all clean."

But just as I was congratulating myself on my bright little toddler, we came to the baby in the white overalls. Z points to her and announces, "I'm gonna pick her up." When I started to turn the page, she got really agitated and started saying "Take her out! Bring her here!"

To chill her out, I brought out Baby Faces, another of her very first books. This time she pointed to the crying baby face (it's always been a favorite) and said, "Baby needs a paci." Then she pointed to the African-American baby with a sudsy face and washcloth and said, "That's Z!" Yeah, the resemblance is striking.