Tuesday, October 03, 2006

This changes everything

I'm used to paying $60+ for a haircut. It pains me every time, but I'd sooner cough up the cash and be assured I'll look good for the next two to three months than spend $20 at a Hair Cuttery storefront and risk a chop job. There was middle ground when I lived in the city; I could get a slow-but-meticulous student haircut at the Aveda Institute in Lakeview or a punk-rock trim at Big Hair in Roscoe Village. But since having a kid and moving west, I've stuck with the high-quality, high-priced James Anthony Salon in River Forest.

Not anymore. Our friends Jody and Peter, Forest Park business owners extraordinaire, recommended Michael. A UPS driver by weeknight and DJ by Saturday night, Michael is also a freelance hair stylist who--get this--comes to your house to wash, cut and blowdry your hair. For $30! I'll post a picture soon, but trust me, it's a good cut.

Anyway, I was hoping that Z would be inspired enough to sit still for a bang trim, but she wouldn't let Michael near her. Good thing she's letting me put her hair in pigtails now since it is getting very long and straggly. She'll just have to look homeless on the days Josh is taking care of her, because, as our neighbor put it, "Josh does a lot of things with Z, but brushing her hair isn't one of them."