Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How I came to look forward to bedtime

Stage one: board books. Baby chews it. Mommy snoozes.

Stage two: fairy tales. Classic stories usher in the Princess stage.

Stage three: library books. A full bag every week means fresh stories every night. A big improvement, even if escapee tones result in the occasional library fine.

Stage four: chapter books! Mommy cheers the return of her favorite childhood characters and marvels at how dated the Ramona books have gotten (Beezus reacts to Mrs. Quimby's announcement that she's gotten a part-time job with "Now you're liberated!). We finished Ramona the Pest this week and now we're two chapters into Ramona the Brave. But since Ramona's getting a older a lot faster than Z, I need to switch gears and find a more age-appropriate book or series. Any suggestions?