Sunday, September 07, 2008

My bag's packed with snacks

Snacks irritate the hell out of me. I feel like I'm always packing a snack, getting pestered for a snack, or shaking snack crumbs out of the diaper bag/stroller/car seat/diaper. But I'll share my snack secrets for a chance to win $250 in grocery money, so here's what's in our stash.

Cheese sticks. Once a grocery item I scoffed at ("Who's too lazy to cut cheese themselves?"), now a staple snack in our household. We usually buy the individually wrapped cheddar or jack sticks from Trader Joe's, but now that Z has learned to appreciate string cheese, we'll pick 'em up wherever they're on sale.

Cheez-Its. Sometimes the genuine article, but more frequently a natural or organic version of the ubiquitous cheese cracker. Occasionally disguised as a bunny or goldfish.

Juice boxes. I feel guilty about the waste, so I'm cutting back on the 'boxes, but they're so convenient and they're such kid-pleasers that I haven't given them up yet. For health's sake we stick with 100% juice or the watered down juices, and try to buy the smallest boxes we can.

PB & H. A peanut butter and honey sandwich on whole grain bread, usually split between the two kiddoes. Sticky, but fairly wholesome.

Bananas. They're pre-wrapped and nutritious, but there's nothing I hate more than finding a half-eaten banana smooshed up inside the diaper bag (although a smooshed up PB&H comes close). Josh, I hope you're reading this!

When I'm feeling a bit more ambitious:
A snack trap filled with Cheerios, raisins, cut-up strawberries or blueberries. And a new discovery (that's incidentally also the sponsor of this blog blast!), Brothers All Natural freeze-dried apple and pear slices.