Monday, September 08, 2008

Shuella: How do you like my shoe umbrella?

I've been meaning to splash around in my trial pair of Shuellas, and today the weather finally cooperated! I'd worn black leather sandals to work, and by 5pm it was raining buckets. So, feeling a little excited and more than a little self-conscious, I sat down and slipped on my size 8 hot pink "shoe umbrellas."

Designed by a local Chicagoan, Shuella promises to save our sandals, our kitten heeled peep toes, our precious suede pumps from certain ruin. (They may even save a few of us from finanical ruin at the hands of Zappos and Piperlime!)

Shuellas come in a zippered pouch about the size of a cosmetic bag. Stash it in your purse whenever there's a chance of rain. Then, when the sky opens, unfold and put them on--right over your regular shoes.

I felt conspicuous as I headed west on Lake Street. Was everyone looking at my floppy rain boots? Why did I choose pink? They're so bright! Are they falling off? I caught a glimpse of myself in a store window, and my humiliation subsided. At least sideways, they looked halfway normal. A little bit cute even. And my feet were dry and comfortable. As long as I didn't shuffle too much, walking in my Shuellas was no different than walking in any other pair of boots. There's even a no-slip sole!

Practically speaking, Shuella is a home run. Stylistically, I need more input. So take a look at my feet in the picture above and tell me, are you laughing with me...or at me?

Shuella retails for $49.95. You can find them online (with free shipping) at or at Nordstrom on Michigan Avenue in Chicago.