Thursday, September 25, 2008

The new dollhouse

I've gotten to review a lot of cool kids stuff as part of this blog, but aside from the Leapfrog Tag reader, nothing has enthralled Z quite like her brand-new dollhouse. It arrived yesterday and she first laid eyes on it after breakfast. How she failed to notice the 2 foot tall beach towel-covered lump on the landing is beyond me, but she was so engrossed in playing with her new toy that she stayed home with Josh (who was in the shower) instead of walking next door to drop off Baby A at daycare. This is the first time she's stayed home. And it was the first time A didn't cry at my departure. But back to the dollhouse!

A few early verbatims...

"Hey, the radio plays music!"

"The Mommy has the biggest, hugest bed. And the child has bunk beds and the baby has an itsy-bitsy cradle. The baby likes to stand on the table. Like my sister."

"I think this is the biggest dollhouse in the whole world. But why are there 10 rooms for playing with because that is so many for having fun?"

""Where's the Daddy? There's isn't a Daddy. There's a Mommy and a children and a baby, but there's no Daddy. I think he's dead."