Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Bleeding red and seeing purple

Facebook is more than a just a virtual watercooler; it's like the corner bar where old colleagues can gather to hear the gossip and say goodbyes. And it's where I heard a lot of sad news coming from my old employer, Ogilvy. It seems at least 6 of my former co-workers got laid off today as Big Red bled off 10 percent of its workforce. I've know so many people who've lost their jobs in the past 6 months I've lost track.

It's a very tough economy in which to find yourself jobless, and I'm feeling so thankful right now to have a job. And one I really enjoy at that.

If you know of any agencies looking for copywriters, art directors, creative directors or planners, I'm LinkedIn with a bunch of superstars.

Speaking of jobs, do me a big favor and watch the People's Choice Awards Wednesday night at 9/8c on CBS. I've been working hard on the CVS/CoverGirl program integration, a surprise makeover that will happen backstage during the broadcast. And if you can't stay up to see the whole show, go to CVS and check out the beauty department for our People's Choice Awards displays and coupon booklets.