Saturday, January 17, 2009

The economy hits Twinkle Toes enrollment

Not only are Americans cutting back on hair coloring, house cleaning and dog walking services, it appears they're cutting back on their kids' extra-curricular activities as well. The Oak Park Park District called me today to say that only 2 children enrolled in the Thursday session of Twinkle Toes, the preschooler dance class at our local park district building. The woman on the phone said she's never had a Twinkle Toes class cancel for low enrollment in the 8 years she's worked for the district, and she went on to say that a lot of classes in the park district and elsewhere are seeing very low enrollment thanks to the slumping economy.

For a moment I considered pulling the plug on the class, but I ended up moving Z to the Wednesday session. Until this brutal winter weather improves, I'm willing to pony up for a little indoor activity and excitement--even if I won't get to witness any of the leotarded cuteness.