Thursday, January 08, 2009

They look sweet and innocent. Don't be fooled.

Two adorable preschool girls enjoying an afternoon playdate. One's 4, the other just turned 5. My husband's home "supervising."

How much trouble can two little girls get into in 5 minutes alone in the bathroom?
Let's see...
A sealed carton of Epsom salts, opened and perhaps tasted.
Half a container of liquid hand soap, spilled on the floor.
A bottle of nail polish remover, splashed into the bathtub.
Josh's razor, broken.
Z's butt, incompletely wiped.

Z's not the mischievious type, but apparently she's highly suggestible. She's the girl from those afterschool specials on peer pressure.

"What did you open Mommy's things and do stuff you knew was wrong?"
"Because my friend said we should."
"What did she say, exactly?"
"She said 'Let's make a disaster.'"
"And why didn't you say no?"
"I don't know," she shrugs, "but I promise I'll never do it again!"