Friday, April 03, 2009

Always the baby, never an only (until now)

IMG_4755My 20 month old daughter A has always lived in the shadow of her 4-year-old sister, Z. But with Z accompanying her father on a week-long trip to England, I'm getting to know my second-born a little better. It's different, relating to her one-on-one. Of course, we've always had an hour alone together, here or there. She gets up earlier than her sister and she hangs out with me and her dad when big sis is out at a playdate or birthday party, but she's never experienced a whole day as an only child.

Now she's enjoying whole days without fighting to eat exactly what her sister's eating (preferably from the same plate). Without fighting over toys, over the front of the bath, over Mom. She's obviously reveling in my full, undivided attention--as well as that of her grandparents, who've been visiting for the weekend.

I'm waiting for A to demonstrate a longing for her missing big sister, but so far she's been content to play with their shared toys, read their shared books and jump on the couch alone. And as much as my heart aches for Z, I'm going to cherish these short days of getting to know my second toddler like I got to know my first.